Data Entry

‘Accuracy’ is the one word that sums up our data entry services. Clients expect line-by-line accuracy when turning various critical information into electronic data.

In this service, few errors can literally make a big and negative impact for businesses; that’s why we’ve handpicked highly-trained individuals to handle this service.

They are furtherly trained to be even better with written and communication skills, typing speed, and with their level of concentration in details. But above all, clients can be confident that their critical data are well secured in our hands.

Data Entry Package

Data entry is the important basic task of companies that process information by inputting, maintaining, and retrieving data using computer systems to make sure that information is stored, accurate, and in an efficient manner.

Subscribe to our weekly plan for as low as $50/week or $200/month.

We provide a quick response in preparing and sorting documents. Resolving discrepancies in information and obtaining further information for incomplete documents. Our clients are in every step of the way, incorporating feedback at each stage until the project is finalized.

This plan includes:

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